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TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment

A diag­no­sis of TMJ/TMD means you have a dys­func­tion in the jaw joint and jaw mus­cle areas. Dr. Hock will study the rela­tion­ship between your teeth, jaw mus­cles,  and your jaw move­ments, to under­stand the dys­func­tion and for­mu­late a strat­e­gy for improve­ment. TMJ treat­ment may involve repo­si­tion­ing the jaw into its most sta­ble pos­ture and sup­port­ing it with an oral appli­ance.

Each indi­vid­ual has unique jaw joint dys­func­tion, and a com­bi­na­tion of ther­a­pies may be rec­om­mend­ed for per­ma­nent cor­rec­tion. The goal of TMJ treat­ment is to alle­vi­ate pain, sore­ness and oth­er symp­toms and to improve the func­tion of the jaw joint.

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