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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Snor­ing is quite a com­mon occur­rence, and we offer snor­ing treat­ment options for our patients. Snor­ing is often a nui­sance and can even be a sign of a more seri­ous prob­lem such as obstruc­tive sleep apnea.

If your snor­ing doesn’t require med­ical inter­ven­tion, but is rel­a­tive­ly mild, we can give you a plas­tic den­tal appli­ance to help with it. You would wear this device in your mouth at night, and it will pre­vent the jaw and tongue from falling back into the air pas­sages. That will keep your air­way more open so you can breathe per­son­al­ly and reg­u­lar­ly all night.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea obstructs your sleep cycles by caus­ing paus­es in your breath­ing. Each time your breath­ing gets inter­rupt­ed, your body is forced out of deep sleep and into a lighter sleep cycle in order to breathe. This can hap­pen hun­dreds of times a night with­out you even real­iz­ing it is occur­ring. This can lead to seri­ous, even dead­ly health risks, such as heart attack, stroke, and dead­ly car acci­dents.

For­tu­nate­ly, with prop­er treat­ment most of the risks can be avoid­ed. Your doc­tor may pre­scribe CPAP, a pump and mask arrange­ment you have to wear at night, but many peo­ple ben­e­fit from an oral appli­ance, which is com­fort­able and easy to use.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea Treatment Often Requires No Dental Work or Surgery. Schedule a   Consultation. 

If you would like to learn more about snor­ing and sleep apnea treat­ment options, sched­ule a con­sul­ta­tion to speak with Dr. Ross Hock. Click below to request an appoint­ment online or call (734) 455‑8844. One of our friend­ly team mem­bers will hap­pi­ly help you sched­ule a con­ve­nient appoint­ment time.


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