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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Per­ma­nent solu­tion to replace miss­ing teeth.

Dental Bridges

Fixed pros­thet­ic devices.


Remov­able, fixed, or implant-retained.

Den­tal implants are a per­ma­nent, nat­ur­al-look­ing solu­tion to miss­ing teeth. A den­tal implant is an arti­fi­cial tooth root, made of strong tita­ni­um that is sur­gi­cal­ly placed direct­ly into your jaw. The tita­ni­um implant becomes inte­grat­ed with your bone and will ulti­mate­ly sup­port a new crown. Den­tal implants have extra­or­di­nary suc­cess rates (95% 10 year suc­cess rate, 99% after the first year of place­ment) and are ben­e­fi­cial in that unlike any oth­er tooth replace­ment options, they help to main­tain healthy bone lev­els.

While Dr. Hock does not sur­gi­cal­ly place the implant, he will care­ful­ly restore the implant by attach­ing a nat­ur­al-look­ing, spe­cial­ly craft­ed arti­fi­cial tooth onto the implant post or root. Depend­ing on the num­ber of orig­i­nal teeth that need to be replaced, den­tal implants can sup­port a sin­gle arti­fi­cial crown, a bridge or even a full set of den­tures. The results are teeth that are as esthet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing, as well as strong and durable.

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